don't let muscle aches get in your way!

Muscle discomfort is common but relief doesn't have to be hard to manage or take a lot of time.

Mooyee sends mild electrical currents through your muscles like an active recovery, helping to ease soreness, tension and make you feel great again.

- Sooth tired muscles

- Ease lactic acid build-up

- Activate muscle fibres

- Promotes recovery

- Relieves tension

- Reduces cramps

- Stimulate circulation

Recovery gets you back to doing what you love!

Mooyee can also be used for any kind of general muscle discomfort like sitting for too long, stress, aches and pain related to muscle dis-ease. 

Now you have a secret weapon in the fight against muscle soreness: Mooyee.

For massage on the GO!

Feel better after exercise, mooyee M2

Shipped the next working day or you get a free set of sticky pads worth $9.95

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