5 Applications for EMS

5 Applications for EMS

August 06, 2018

Our body is an extremely complex machine, its various parts and pieces communicate with one another by sending neuro-signal or messages through neurotransmitters system of our brain. Electric stimulation can be used to tap into network of messages propagate back and forth through the human body, it gives us a powerful option to take control of our bodies, which may seem like science fiction. Here we are discussing about some of application of Electronic Muscle Stimulator or how to use EMS machine apart from training and exercise purposes.

  1. Rehabilitation and range of motion:

Electronic Muscle Stimulator is often very helpful for people who suffer from a reduced range of motion in their knees or painful backs and shoulders, because of various fractures or surgery. The Electronic Muscle Stimulation device therapy helps to stimulate muscles and also helps to enhance or maintain the amount of painless movement in the affected areas. Most of the approved devices are designed for health care professionals to utilize in rehabilitation or physical therapy. Basically, applying electrical impulses to the affected muscles to trigger involuntary twitches which has been used for years in rehabilitation settings to help repair various spinal cord related injuries and also to treat paralysis.


  1. Muscle Re-education and Disuse Atrophy:

When you do not use certain muscles for a long period of time for various reasons, sometimes they lose normal tone and start to atrophy. The electrical stimulation impulse of EMS machines can be helpful to strengthen and contract muscles to prevent disuse atrophy. When your muscles have been affected by atrophy syndrome, EMS use in combination with regular exercise may help to speed up the strengthening of atrophied muscles, quickly.


  1. Increase blood Circulation:

A popular medical instrument making organization -“IB3Health”study suggested on its website that the rhythmic muscle contractions triggered by impulse of EMS machines can be beneficial to boost up the blood circulation of our body. As blood circulation improves, the tender or swollen area may begin to heal by itself or improve the condition automatically. In addition, the machines sometimes are very helpful in post surgery stage to stimulate calf muscles and prevent venous thrombosis.


  1. Get rid of pain and brain control:

Electronic muscle stimulation, or EMS machines use low-voltage “e-stim” or “TENS” from the electrodes stimulates nerves in the affected area and sends signals to the motor nerves of the brain to re-learn how to contract the muscle on its own by scramble normal pain perception. Medical facilities use these machines to treat as an effective therapy to mask pain such as diabetic neuropathy process pain, strengthen and relax muscles, and increase blood circulation.


  1. Cure of Muscle cramping and spasms:

Muscle spasms and Cramping, which occur when muscles remain contracted, may sometimes cause tremendous pain. The FDA states that electrical stimulation of electronic muscle stimulation machines can be beneficial in cases of relaxing the muscles by increasing the blood circulation of our body. EMS machines help to stimulate the affected muscle area or the centre of fatigue area of body to combat the spastic condition.