How Mooyee Can Be Used For Rehabilitation

July 05, 2018

When it comes to using innovative modalities and treatments to sooth muscle unease, recover from sprains, overuse and get you back up to the style of living you lead, the quickest and most effective of them is no other than electric muscle stimulation (EMS). With Mooyee, these handy devices, you can join the league of people now using and popularizing the once underutilized muscle stimulators. Mooyee, when put in simply, is more or less an external method of activating your muscle tissues and replicating signal from your gray matter.  Sticky pads from the Mooyee are placed on the muscles needing activation and the EMS device is adjusted to the correct frequency to mimic the brain and makes your muscles to contract.

Muscle Relief

At the time scientists discovered the medium through which our bodies send messages that communicate pain and discomfort to us, they also did well to find out that there are similar frequencies capable of impeding those pain signals. This discovery, however, was not what was used to invent EMS. With the unarguable fact that automatically rubbing your pain-inflicted area blocks your brain from transmitting the pain signals and transmissions, EMS uses the idea to provide further benefit of muscle relief for patients who are not willing or able to take oral pain relief medications. When you religiously stick to this means, your use of Mooyee for rehabilitation from that traumatic athletic muscle stress will be a dramatic success.  

Muscle Memory

It may come off counterintuitive, but neural pathways and signals create types of permanent track in our consciousness, just like a ruler-scratched table will be left with a slight divot. Our muscle memories are like divots; the reason why David Beckham can still curl a ball into a top corner even after a six month abstinence from soccer. The same fact applies to injury sustenance; when your hurt knee will make your thigh muscles to shut down as a general protective mechanism. This happens because our bodies interpret pain as danger. Bringing the pattern into EMS, the therapist aims at determining the non-working muscles and using Mooyee to jumpstart them manually.

Maximum Muscle Activation

Athletes can contract their muscles at any given time. There is a chance you may only use 40% of the fibers and electrical signals in your leg. That is our body incredibly trying to be effective. But if you try to push your body more than you previously used to, a problem can ensue. This will then require you to recruit the much of muscle fibers and electro messages you can get. As your body needs relearn the action in the correct order, this is not an easy task. But with your EMS pad attached to your muscles, you can incredibly rehabilitate and carry out the movement. Switching your Mooyee to the contraction setting and turning it on while you are in motion will do the trick. This ultimately trains the dormant muscle fibers to fire up the action. Further, without the machine, the muscles will have developed a fire-up memory and complete the action in no time.

When it comes to rehabilitation, it is all about training program that can help you come around from real ordeals such as injuries, muscle pulls and the likes. While using Mooyee, you need note that it should never replace your training, but should act as an aid. In your rehabilitation program, there are a lot of reasons your therapist can put an EMS in his/her employ.