Mooyee M2 Muscle relaxer - Cream Bean

Same great Mooyee sensation and muscle ease that can now be used over a bigger area, on two muscles or with a friend!  It's like 2 Mooyee in 1

When you work hard, your muscles are tested to their limits. Often time that can result in soreness to the point where you might not feel comfortable working out again. We've all been there, at the point of over doing our exercise, but it does't have to stop us from getting out there and enjoying the exercise we love.
Introducing Mooyee, an exciting concept that will help relieve muscle soreness and
help you get back in the game.

Mooyee sends mild electrical currents through your muscles, helping to ease soreness, tension and make you feel great again.
With its small size and portable nature, you can take it anywhere for both pre-workout stimulation and post-workout soreness reduction.

Recovery gets you back to doing what you love!

Just place onto the skin using the sticky pads and directed via an app on your smart device. Mooyee can also be used for any kind of general muscle discomfort like sitting for too long, stress, aches and pain related to muscle dis-ease. 

 CLICK BUY NOW to join the revolution that is sweeping the atheltic world, and try Mooyee today.

You'll enjoy better recovery to get you back to your fitness faster. 



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