Mooyee is a great product that will not only help your clients, it helps your bottom line.

Mooyee is a unique, affordable product anyone can use. It’s great for shops and we are looking for more retailers to take on Mooyee so this is your opportunity.

If you have a retail shop or a large online store then we want to talk to you!

What business would Mooyee work in?


  • Why
    • Eases muscle tension without medication
    • Increases circulation
    • Great affordable gifts
    • Great for all ages over 12
    • Looks good on shelves

Great for muscle relief when medication is not a favorable answer. Eases muscle tension


  • Why
    • Cheaper to retain a customer (lifetime value of client) then to find a new one
    • Decreases/stops Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) after exercise
    • Activates muscles before exercise to reduce damage
    • Happy gym goers who don’t use excuses not to come back in
    • How would you like your business to make gains while retaining your customers?
    • Stronger gym culture
    • Better performances in competitions
    • Quicker gains due to increased attendance

Travel Shops:

  • Why
    • Better circulation/muscle relief when sitting down for hours
    • Happy travelers travel more
    • Great gifts

Gifts & More:

  • Why
    • Happy purchasers who keep coming back to buy sticky pads so ongoing sales
    • Affordable
    • Unique present

How can you get into Mooyee?

  • Sales rep can do a free in-person demonstration to see if Mooyee is the right fit for your business; or
  • We can do an over the phone meeting
  • Or you can just get in and give it a red hot go!

If you don’t love Mooyee in your business after 3 months we will buy back any unused Mooyee for what you paid for them outside of postage back to us.

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